Dreamcatcher Media is a dynamic consultancy providing a comprehensive range of media services. The heart of our business is smart communication and our top media professionals apply their extensive experience in broadcast TV to provide intelligent communications solutions for the public, private and non-profit sectors. We offer a fully joined-up service to meet all your business communications needs from media and soft-skills training to video production.


Dreamcatcher Media are vastly experienced in all media - Television, film, radio, newpaper and online both in the National arena and on the World stage. They have worked with household names such as Piers Morgan, Sir David Frost, Alastair Stewart, Jeremy Paxman and many stars of stage and screen.



"I've worked with Dreamcatcher Media across politics, current affairs, business and entertainment. They are brilliant at handling all this material with insight and professionalism."

Sir David Frost, OBE




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